Results- Oriented Teacher

There is no shortage of amazing ideas in education (and no shortage of expensive conferences sharing them).  But do these strategies, tools, and ideas actually work for you and your students?  How do you know?

The Results-Oriented Teacher program asks these difficult questions and provides a framework on a case by case basis so that teachers learn how to collect the right data for the questions they have about their professional effectiveness.

This program is conducted in school teams of 4-6 participants.  Although basic topics based in principles of action research are discussed, the program is customized to participant needs.  Topics may include:

  • Issue identification and definition

  • Design Thinking/Research Planning

  • Use of Learning Management System Data

  • Qualitative Methodology (interviews, focus groups, etc.)

  • Methods to Share/Present results

Program includes four on-site workshops, online follow-up work and individual project consults for each team member.  Team cost is $599 for 4-6 participants.

To request a session or get more information, email Amy here.

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Due to the current pandemic, this project or service is on hold until we can assess regional needs and ability. Check back soon for updates

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