The Balanced Teacher

More is demanded of our teachers than ever before in the profession's history.  At EducateSTL we believe it is critical to help teachers find balance in their lives so they can perform at peak levels for their students and communities.

The Balanced Teacher program is not a stand alone program but is designed to be integrated with any other learning experience.  Every new idea in education relies on effective execution for its success and PD models that don't take the teacher as human into account will not live up to the transformative promises often made.

This program is highly customizable and can be integrated into any on-site or community based professional development program.  Topics may include:

  • Habit formation

  • Time Management

  • Categorical Life Balance

  • Professional goals/mentoring

Two hour on-site workshops are $200 for up to 15 participants.  This includes scheduled follow ups with participants in the months following the session.  Other customizable options are available.

To request a session or get more information, email Amy here.

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