Regional Teaching Awards

Submissions for 2021 have closed. 

Please check back next fall for new award categories and submission guidelines!

Are you a great educator who doesn't get recognized much because you're too busy...well...teaching?

We are thrilled to announce three categories of recognition for great online teaching in the age of COVID!  Click on any of the categories below if you think you or a colleague may have something valuable to share!

Creative Work


Teachers implementing creative learning opportunities in big and small ways are recognized through this award.

Jumping Child


Do you bring the joy despite all the demands? This award recognizes that effort in the most difficult of times.

Group Students Smilling


Have you found creative ways to level the playing field for our kids?  This series of awards recognizes the varied efforts in our schools.


Do I need to live or reside in the St. Louis area?  

You need to live or teach within 200 miles of the STL area to qualify.


How are winners chosen?

A committee made up of regional leaders in education decide the winners this year (this process may change in future)


I think I'm doing something cool but probably not mind-blowing.  Should I apply?

Duh.  It's usually the cool things that end up changing the world bit by bit. Share it!

Can I apply to more than one?

Absolutely.  Apply to as many as you like.

What if I did cool stuff when we were hybrid or face to face?

Some awards don't specifically relate to online or tech use but even for the ones that do, we're guessing you used your tech to help the transition.  Apply either way!

When do I know if I won?

We expect to name awardees by mid-March

How do I receive my check if I win?

Your check will be sent to your school's address

Why do we nominate ourselves instead of having others nominate us?

Because we believe this is one of the big problems with awards today.  Only you and your students really know what works in your classroom.  And you need to get better at sharing the amazing things you're doing.  Your modesty isn't helping us all get better!

Why do you ask for my supervisor's email?

We're so often impressed with submissions that even if you don't win, we'd love to brag on you and share what we loved with your colleagues.  Of course, you don't have to supply this information but remember...only you and your students will know how awesome you are if you don't share! (so we encourage everyone to include this)

What if I have an idea but haven't done anything with it yet?

All awards but one are based on things you're already doing.  If you have an idea, check the Above & Beyond category and submit!

Other questions? 

Just shoot an email over to Amy and we'll help you out!