Regional Podcasts

Great teachers never live in a bubble! 

Below are some amazing local and regional podcasts that can keep you in the know on everything from culture and race to school libraries and technology!


Next Wave is the latest effort by Connected Learning, a unique professional development non-profit in the area, to connect great educators to each other to inspire creativity and innovation.

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A panel of ed tech coaches share tips, tricks, and best practices around some of the most exciting tools in schools.

JPPrezz com - The Bits and Bytes of Educ

In this bi-weekly show, JP Prezzavento shares snack-sized ​ideas, interviews, and resources about teaching, learning, and technology integration.

Help Me Understand

Dr. Robert Dillon interviews a range of fans, learners, and experts surrounding their passions. The podcast is pure learning about ideas and concepts that you may have never considered before


METC's mini podcast offers five minute tech tips from area teachers on just one tool at a time. Great for quick insight!


Based in Cape Girardeau, Jonathan and Whitney explore real teacher issues from the trenches.

teachers classroom podcast - Google Sear

This podcast from TeachIllinois covers a wide range of educational issues from a system perspective.  The host, Matt Wells, has worked in the Metro East for many years.


We Live Here   NPR.png

We Live Here the impact of Michael Brown's death on the region in terms of race, class, and power

The Gateway   St  Louis Public Radio.png

A daily 10 minute multi-topic approach to news in the St. Louis region.