The Debra Hartman 

Joy in the Classroom


Do you see joy in your classroom or school?  In these challenging times, it's never been more important to be aware of the moments we should be grateful for.  If you're an educator who makes joy a priority or if you're a parent, student, or colleague to someone who does, please consider submitting for one of these prizes!

Children in the Garden

Planning for Joy

For some of us, joy doesn't just happen.  We intentionally incorporate character ed lessons to ensure that our kids stay focused on what matters.  Share your unique lesson ideas to become eligible for one of four prizes!


Teacher and Student


Did you see joy in action during the lockdown?  Teachers, Counselors, Principals, many worked hard to keep our spirits up in such difficult times!  Nominate your favorite educator by sharing your story here and s/he could win one of six prizes!


Laughing Couple

Joy for Colleagues

We all know them.  Those teachers or principals who are relentlessly cheerful or optimistic when the rest of us would rather wallow in self pity.  These practical jokers keep our spirits light even in trying times.  Share your favorite stories with a nomination and s/he may be eligible for one of six prizes!


Submissions Accepted

 November 30-January 18


About Debra Hartman

Debbie served as a Wisconsin elementary and middle school teacher for 32 years before retiring in 2012.   She lived for all her students but felt especially drawn to those with disabilities or who simply felt they didn't fit in.  Where many see despair, Debbie only sees hope.  Her warm, kind-hearted spirit came through in every joke she told or encouraging word uttered.  In her small town of Two Rivers, she is known nearly everywhere she goes and has brought joy and laughter to everyone  privileged enough to know her.  

This award was made possible by Jason and Amy Peach, who sponsored it in recognition of their beloved Aunt Debbie. 


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