How Did We Get Here?

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Wondering how to help your students connect their everyday lives to events in the past? The 'How Did We Get Here' project aims to do just that!  Middle and High school classes select a current event and research stories from the past that help explain how we got here.  Their blogs are then posted on the site to be shared with the public. 

How does it work?

Select a Time

Check your calendar and find a week where you can select a current event and have students complete the research. You may need 2-4 class periods depending on how much independent work you'll have them do. 

Select an Event
Reading a Newspaper

As you get close to your selected week, find a current event you think would be a good fit.  Some tips on how to do this can be found here.

Begin research
Traditional Library

Once the event has been explained, divide students into groups to begin researching events that may have directly or indirectly contributed to the current situation. 

Write and Submit Blog Posts
Ready to Get Published

Student groups write a blog post explaining their historical event and how it ties to the current event under study.  Once you are satisfied with the quality, submit posts to EducateSTL for final review and publication. 

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