Grants & Fundraising

The ever-present strain of tight budgets in schools has made grant research and funding a necessity for many teachers.  See how you can start funding your dreams with just three simple steps!

Step 1:

Establish Purpose

Too often the grant search begins with finding the money. The smart way is actually to begin with the purpose. Keep a copy of the 'Big Idea Brain Dump' and enter ideas as they come to you. Then you can search the results when new opportunities arise!

Foundations, Corporations, even small groups of family and friends. They all want to help you achieve your goals. Some of the most notable funding sources are listed here for MO and IL educators.

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political meeting



(Natl Education Assoc)


(MO Assoc School Librarians)


(Innovative Technology Ed Fund)

Looking for something specific?

Search all opportunities by type and deadline using the matrix below

Step 2:

Review Funding Sources

As you work through your project and its funding possibilities, it's important to consider how this might be sustained with the power of mission behind it and beyond any unexpected changes

Reach the Top


How does this project and its funding source line up with the mission/vision of your school and classroom? Long term success depends on its connection to your most cherished values.

Writing Documents

School Policy

Are you able to carry out each step in the project in accordance with school policy and procedures? 

Team Talk


Is there a diverse enough group of participants in the study to carry on the work even if key members depart?

Step 3: