Distance Learning

...in difficult times

In response to the self-imposed quarantine many schools are likely to face in the coming months, we have prepared this page with resources for schools on distance learning. 


This site is no longer under regular update as an overwhelming number of resources are now readily available for schools (GREAT job everyone!)


If you do still have other resources  you feel would be valuable for us to post, please share them in the form at the bottom of the page.


A very special thanks to the Educational Technology Association of St. Louis for their invaluable contributions to this page. 

Distance Learning

...in difficult times


In partnership with expertise from the ETA and others in the area, we had an hour long conversation about challenges and opportunities in moving course work online.  We discuss specific tools at various points so skip through the headings to find what you need.  Tools referenced are also linked below.

Online Design Resources

Active Learning & Collaboration

Online Discussions

Group Work

Hands-On Activities


  • Quizzes/Tests

  • Assignments

  • Video/Audio Tools

Google Resources

As a company with a large global presence, Google has offered numerous resources and information to assist educators.  

Policy, Preparedness, and other Resources

METC-Coronavirus Preparation Materials

Example Policies-International Virtual Schools

*if you have a school policy you're willing to share, please add to the form below.


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