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Supporting the World's Best Teachers

What We Do

EducateSTL is in the business of teaching excellence. The work we do is aimed at identifying great teachers and supporting their work through content and highly personalized professional development.

Teacher Stories

EducateSTL seeks to share valuable lessons and insights from the people making the biggest difference for our kids-YOU!

The Teachers of STL Instargram and the Rotten Apples Podcast and Blog aim to share the best ideas and practices from teachers and other educators in the region. 

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It is participant driven, so join the blog community and share your topic ideas!

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Conference Event


Looking for a one day learning opportunity?  Our one day events and conferences can leave you feeling re-energized about your work.  Click here for future opportunities.

Professional Learning

Limited space is available for our 2019-2020 cohorts for The Results Oriented Teacher and Innovation Mindset.  Click here for more information.

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Teaching Awards

At EdcampSTL, we believe in recognizing excellence in teaching and spreading it throughout the region.  Our award system is completely reliant on self-nominations.  No favoritism, no politics. Share your work through a screencast in the categories where you excel and you'll be considered for that award cycle.

Check back soon for award categories and schedule!

Join the Team

We will soon be accepting applications for interns.  Come back soon for more information!

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